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Santee Xue (Bio)

Santee Xue Coach Gold Medal Coach China Level one Gold Medal athlete. China certified level one Wushu - San Da judge Former Singapore Wushu Taichi coach Beijing Wushu Dui Wei competition all-around champion New York international wushu competition Taichi Gold Metal 教练 雪源 全美武术之星学院 特邀教练员 国家一级运动员 国家一级武术,散打裁判员 前新加坡武术太极拳教练 北京国家武术段位通级赛全能冠军 纽约国际武术公开赛太极拳冠军 香港国际武术赛太极冠军...

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Eddie Tsai (Bio)

Eddie Tsai Coach Gold-Medal Coach, Eddie Tsai graduated form Chinese Martial Arts Department at the Chinese Culture University. He started learning Martial arts in 1993. He learned and specializes in Southern fist, long fist, broadsword, staff..etc  He has been focused on Kung Fu Performing Arts since 2002. and has been stuntman since 2008. He is a stunt coordinator from Taiwan and has directed more than 20 TV series and films in Taiwan.  Championships 2 Man Sparring Set - Gold Medal 1999 Taiwan Youth Wushu Championships - Long Fist, Weapon, Staff - Gold Medal  1999-2002y University Wushu Championships 2 Man Sparring Set -......

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Aaron Liang (Bio)

Aaron Liang Lead Coach China Level One Gold-medal athlete. Expert in Modern And Traditional Kung fu, and San-Da Sparring. All China Qi Gong ( Yi-Jin-Jing and Ba-Duan-Jin)  Competition Gold Medal. All China Wushu Kung Fu competition Hand Form, Straight Sword, Staff, Nunchaku, Snake Form Gold-Medal. 教练 梁常辉 全美武术之星学院 首席教练员 国家一级运动员,武术六段。 前河南武术队专业运动员。 精通现代武术,传统武术,  气功以及散打的优秀运动员。 中国全国健身气功(易筋经,八段锦)比赛金奖。 中国男子拳术,剑术,棍术,双截棍, 蛇拳等多项金牌及奖牌。...

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Master Jing Li (Bio)

Master Jing Li Founder and Coach Master Jing Li is a multi-time martial arts world champion and former member of the world renowned Beijing Wushu Team.  Since 2001 she worked garnered much success as a Hollywood action film actress, stunt actor and stunt coordinator and has participated in the production of countless films, including Deadpool 2, Pacific Rim, Rush Hour 3 and many more. She began her Wushu career at the age of 6 and is now one of the world’s leading female martial arts experts, having won over one hundred gold medals in Chinese and international tournaments. Her natural......

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