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Wushu Action Star Academy is a world class martial arts training center providing instruction in Wushu, Taichi, Chinese Kung Fu and Self-Defense.

Wushu Action Star Academy’s mission is to create an environment that teaches people from all walks of life the benefits of healthy living through martial arts training. We also provide students with an exciting platform for learning about the Chinese culture through martial arts. Our school is a family setting.  We continuously strive to encourage our students to reach their greatest potential through healthy living and the cultivation of mind body and spirit. We will carefully guide you on the right track to building self confidence, a positive mental outlook and a healthy way of life, all resulting in a much happier and better “You”!

For young people, we teach our kids to become leaders in society and re-enforce the importance of respecting oneself and others. Through our system, we offer students an opportunity to achieve greater mental focus, self confidence and discipline; all keys to become a well rounded individual and successful person; in society, in the classroom and in life.

For adults and seniors, we re-enforce the importance of relieving every day stress through physical activity and controlled breathing. We help re-direct your inner energy and mental focus on achieving greater harmony of mind, body and spirit. Through the countless benefits of martial arts training, everyone can enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle, free from the pressures of every day life.

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    Wushu Action Star Academy
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